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Welcome! This sphinx extension provides some useful extensions to the Sphinxs autodoc extension. Those are

  1. It creates a Table of Contents in the style of the autosummary extension with methods, classes, functions and attributes

  2. As you can include the __init__ method documentation for via the autoclass_content configuration value, we provide the autodata_content configuration value to include the documentation from the __call__ method

  3. You can exclude the string representation of specific objects. E.g. if you have a large dictionary using the not_document_data configuration value.

See the Examples section for more details.



Simply install it via pip:

$ pip install autodocsumm

Or you install it via:

$ python setup.py install

from the source on GitHub.


The package only requires Sphinx to be installed. It has been tested for versions higher than 1.3.


In order to activate the autodocsumm extension, you have to list it in your conf.py:

extensions = [

Once this is done, you can use the :autosummary: option for autodoc directives to generate a table at the top, e.g.:

.. automodule:: my.awesome.module

Optionally, you can make autodocsumm active by default for all autodoc directives by adding:

autodoc_default_options = {
    'autosummary': True,

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